Articles NES

The Legend of Zelda I (NES version):
Now I'm going to talk about one of the zelda games:
  • This is a very good game. It was publicated in 1986. It hasn't got a very good grafics but his music is fantastic. Today we continue listening that music. The handling is quite good for his time (1986).
  • The good part of the game is that the enemies and the story are good. That game revolutioned the video games market, beacuse it lasted more than one month.
  • My score for this game is 8 points.

The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES Version):
Today It's the time to talk about another of the great games of the Legend of Zelda:
  • This is a fantastic game that appeared in 1987 one year after the first game of Zelda. That game is surprising for its music, for its story, for its development... What can I say, It's a good game, with good grafics and a lot of things to do things to do. Althought this was the less selling Zelda it wasn't too bad. I think It's one of the bests games of Zelda.
  • It solt more than one million of copies. The best thing in that game is that link can jump.
  • My score for this game is 7,3 points.